Match 6 : 20th February 2011

(Subject to confirmation by League Secretary)

Match1234 57 League TablesFixtures

Division 1Hands
Bradford A 119York A
Leeds A 119Sheffield A
Scarborough A1010Wakefield A
Sheffield B 614Hull A
Division 2
Harrogate A 1010Sheffield C
IIkley A 182Bradford B
Keighley A 416Doncaster A
Malton A155Huddersfield A

Division 3
Doncaster B 020Sheffield E
Garforth A 137York B
Leeds B 164Halifax A
Sheffield D137Huddersfield B
Division 4
Bradford C 137Wetherby A
Harrogate B 1010Malton B
Wakefield B 137IIkley B
Wetherby B 137Brighouse A
Wakefield B were fined 1vp for
sending their result to Ted Bond

Division 5
Aireborough 182Sheffield G
Leeds C 137Scarborough B
Sheffield F 182Ripon
York C 200Doncaster C
Division 6
Bridlington 416Wetherby C
Sheffield H 155Harrogate C
Thirsk A 146Keighley B
Wensleydale 614Beauchief A

Division 7
Bradford D614Leeds D
Huddersfield C 137IIkley C
Hull C 614Sheffield I
Selby & Hambleton 1010Hull B
Division 8
Garforth B 218Harrogate D
Halifax B 713Brighouse B
Shelley 020Wakefield C
Thirsk B 614IIkley D

Division 9
Doncaster E 515Keighley C
Halifax C 713Doncaster D
Huddersfield D614Wakefield D
Wetherby D137Huddersfield E
Division 10
Bradford E 515Barnsley
Bradford F 416Beauchief B
IIkley E 119Garforth C
York D317Harrogate E

Division 11
Huddersfield F 911Halifax D
Keighley D200Bradford G
Sheffield J 713Leeds E
Keighley E Bye

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