Yorkshire League Tables

Including Match 7 : 15th March 2009

Congratulations to all the promoted teams, commiserations to the relegated, and good luck to all next season

Very best wishes to Bradford A in their quest for the Garden Cities Trophy

Division 1PWDLPts
Bradford A760196
Sheffield A750295
Sheffield B760190
York A730477
Leeds A731369
Malton A721454
Huddersfield A710641
York B710638
Division 2PWDLPts
Wakefield A750297
Harrogate A751184
Hull A750280
Doncaster A741278
Keighley A721464
Scarborough A730463
Ilkley A711560
Malton B710634

Division 3PWDLPts
Sheffield C741291
Garforth A741285
Bradford B732282
Huddersfield B722367
Doncaster B732267
Sheffield E730464
York C721452
Bradford C721452
Division 4PWDLPts
Wakefield B742188
Sheffield D751185
Harrogate B740376
Leeds B721475
Ilkley B730470
Scarborough B730460
Wetherby A720557
Brighouse A730449

Division 5PWDLPts
Halifax A7601109
Wetherby B740384
Sheffield G741274
Sheffield F723263
Keighley B721463
Division 6PWDLPts
Doncaster C751187
Sheffield H740386
Hull B732280
Dewsbury A712463
Wetherby C730457
Harrogate C730457
Wakefield C711547

Division 7PWDLPts
Leeds C741289
Sheffield J751184
Huddersfield C731375
Malton C731372
Thirsk A740370
Sheffield I712459
Selby & Hambleton711556
Halifax B731355
Division 8PWDLPts
Ilkley D760195
Ilkley C741290
Bradford D730473
Garforth B731368
Hull C732262
Wakefield D721462
Harrogate D721458
Doncaster D720552

Division 9PWDLPts
Brighouse B760197
Leeds D750291
Keighley C750282
Huddersfield D730468
York D730468
Doncaster E731359
Huddersfield E720557
Garforth C701638
Division 10PWDLPts
Thirsk B640270
Ilkley E640260
Halifax C630354
Sheffield K610550
Harrogate F610536
Dewsbury B

Division 11PWDLPts
Wetherby D7700106
Harrogate E760199
Keighley D740381
Bradford E730470
Halifax D740366
Huddersfield F710654
Bradford F710642


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