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Yorkshire League

Notes for Team Captains

Systems & Conventions

All divisions = EBU Level 4 (Blue Book, pp23-26)
Please ensure that all your players have properly completed system cards.      Please click here:- Advisory note
As a supplement to the EBU service, there is a completed system card suitable for use by players at 'Improvers' level.
Please e-mail Brian Davison [briandavison1948@gmail.com] or telephone 0113 258 9824 if you would like a copy.

Reporting Results

Please note this minute of a decision of the Yorkshire League committee on 17 December 2016:
With effect from 8 January 2017, if a team infringes Yorkshire League Rule 23 by using an
out-of-date version of the result sheet, they will be liable to a penalty of one Victory Point.

So make sure you use an up-to-date results form, (Rev 2.1 18/09/2014.)
It should have Stuart Davies' address on it, and his current e-mail: stuart@svd1.uk

It is intended to continue the existing results service on the YCBA website for the foreseeable future,
so please don't forget to e-mail to Lesley Blanchard on the day as usual

If you are sending your result by e-mail, it would be very helpful if you would give the result in the body of the message as well.
(Most captains do this anyway) eg Wakefield C vs Garforth B, Wakefield won by 14 - 6.
It all helps to speed up the process of updating the website on the Sunday evening

Tie-Break-Winning Draws

These are usually referred to as "Winning Draws," but the full name gives a clue as to their significance. If two teams draw their match 10-10 and at the end of the season they also draw for final position in the division, the imp difference in their drawn match is used to decide which of them should have the higher rank, and may be crucial for promotion or relegation.
Captains should make sure that the team with more imps is recorded on the result sheet; don't just put "draw"

Starting Times

It was agreed at the 2015 AGM that 2:00 pm would continue to be the default starting time for matches. However, clubs are at liberty to arrange an earlier starting time for a match if this is agreeable to both sides. It is hoped that clubs will do their best to accommodate such requests on a case by case basis.

Pre-duplimated Boards

Also agreed at the 2015 AGM that clubs shall have the right to use pre-duplimated boards in all divisions and should indicate to their opponents when they intend to do the duplimating. If the visitors wish to send an observer on the day when the duplimating is done, they must give seven days notice.

Entering Results on the EBU website
(and reporting them to YCBA)

The EBU have moved the League Results service to the new MyEBU pages;
so to enter results team captains will need to log onto:
After logging on the league result pages are accessed via the Utilites tab.

Clubs are asked to enter their team members & results on the EBU website
This will take care of issues such as Yorkshire's P2P obligations, Masterpoint awards, and
(in the fullness of time,) National Grading Information. Clubs may appoint a secretary
to enter the data for all their teams, or delegate the task to individual team captains

You may leave the data entry until the end of the season if you wish, but it is strongly
recommended that you update your results match by match
If you do not already do so, please retain copies of your results sheets on file

It is intended to continue the existing results service on the YCBA website for the forseeable future,
so please don't forget to e-mail or telephone your VP score to Rob Turner on the day as usual

Please click here for information on how to enter your data

Yorkshire League Scoring Assistants

Please click on the links for PDF versions to download and print:      Result sheet   and   Scoring sheet

EXCEL versions are also available if you need them; please e-mail me: websitemanager@ycba.co.uk


It is expected that the EBU's new system of universal membership will make the issue of membership simpler.
Any player who is a member of an affiliated club in Yorkshire is a member of the YCBA. Members of other counties and EBU "direct" members may join for a small fee. Please ask one of the association's officers if you need advice on this point.
In an emergency, such as a last-minute substitution, General Rule 3 allows you to send the subscription with the results sheet.

Postponed matches

If matches cannot be played on the due date, clubs will have to find alternative dates, which will be further complicated for clubs with several home fixtures, because of the catering implications. As a last resort, teams may agree to reduce the number of boards to 24 (4 x 6-bd stanzas,) using the special VP scale below, so the match can be played mid-week.

VP Scale for 24 Boards

Difference in I.M.P's.Victory Points Difference in I.M.P's.Victory Points
0  -   3 10 - 10   41  - 49  16  -  4
4  - 811  -  9  50  - 5917  -  3
9  - 1412  -  8  60  - 6918  -  2
15  - 2213  -  7  70  - 7919  -  1
23  - 3114  -  6  80 +    20  -  0
32  - 4015  -  5