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Yorkshire League Results

The EBU provide an online results capture service for county leagues. We now want individual clubs to be responsible for entering their own results and team rosters.

For future seasons: as well as returning results sheets to Stuart Davies and emailing the website manager the VP score, clubs are required to enter their match teams and results into the EBU database. Instructions on how to do this are provided below.

Contact Details
YCBA League Results: Ian Grant via email YCBA@rumel.co.uk

Instructions for team captains.

Note that the team 'captain' on this service is simply the person responsible for entering match results and the team roster. They do not have to be the actual captain of the team.

Accessing the service

The EBU have moved the League Results service to the new MyEBU pages;
so to enter results team captains will need to log onto: My EBU
After logging on the league result pages are accessed via the Utilites tab.

Log onto the EBU Members Area using your EBU number.
If you don't know your password then please follow the instructions on the Member's Area Login screen.

Click on the League Teams button in the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

This will bring up a list of teams to which you belong.

If you are not shown as the captain for the team you wish to update then please contact Ian Grant (contact details above) who can change the captain if required.

Click on the team name and this will bring up a new tab showing the members of the team and a list of this season's matches.

Adding/Deleting Team members.

You can add a new team member by clicking on the large green + sign.

You will need to enter the EBU number and surname of the new team member and then click on [submit].

To delete a team member simply click on the [X] next to their name.

Note that this step does not require confirmation, if you accidentally delete someone then you will need to Add them back as described above. However, you cannot delete a player if they have taken part in a match.

Match details
The date of the match will be updated when you (or your opponents) submit the match result.

The Home/Away marker is irrelevant for the Yorkshire League as each opponent is only played once. Note that if you click on Home/Away then you may no longer be able to update a match result due to a software fault. You will need to close the team tab (click on the small [X] at the top right) and re-open it if you do this.

The 'Players' column will show how many players you have stated to have played in the match. This should normally be 8 for each completed match.

Submitting a match result
Please first ensure that all members who played are showing on your player roster.

Now click on the name of the opposing team and a 'Match Data' sheet will be displayed. Please note that the date and match scores may have already been completed by your opponents (if you think that your opponents have entered an incorrect result then please contact Ian Grant, do NOT change the result).

Match Date
This has to be in the format yyyy-mm-dd e.g. 2018-10-28 for the 28th October 2018.

The IMPs Score data does not need to be completed but please enter them if you have them to hand.

The VP score does need to be completed.

Players: If you click on the small box to the left of a players name then a tick will appear in the box to show that they played in the match. If you accidentally click on a wrong box then simply click it again to clear the tick.

When you have identified each player that took part click on the [SUBMIT] button and you will be taken back to the fixture list. Please check that the number of players shown for the match is 8; if not then please re-select the match and correct the player details.

Simply log out of the EBU Member's Area or you can close the individual tabs by clicking on the small [X] at the top right.