Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association  


The Kath Grimoldby

Yorkshire Simultaneous Pairs

Thursday 14th September 2017

  • All scores will be co-ordinated from all the centres and match-pointed overall
  • The competition must be played on the stated date
  • There will be an entry fee of £2.60 per pair (in addition to table money charged by the club)
  • No fewer than 6 pairs may constitute a heat
  • Applications by participating clubs should be sent to the Tournament Secretary by 9th September
  • The competitions are open only to clubs affiliated to the YCBA
  • If your club has a dealing machine, you may designate a member to receive the dlm file
    (someone who will not be playing - please discuss with Stuart Davies)

Please contact Stuart Davies [stuart@svd1.uk] if you have any queries


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If you would like your club to take part in any of our simultaneous pairs events this year, please contact Stuart Davies
01274 598408

Clubs are supplied with full instructions on how to run a heat, in case they haven't done one before. Dates for this season are:

14th September,
8th February
& 14th June

Volunteer wanted to manage the YCBA Simultaneous Pairs Please click here for further details